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About The Wandering Dog Inn

The Wandering Dog Inn:  A simple Inn, on a quiet island.

Be charmed by the simplicity of yesteryear when too much screen time was not a concern and the best “connections”  were made on a porch.

Escape the rat race. Bike the island, hit the winery, hike the trails and soak up the sun on your own schedule. It won’t take long before you find yourself on island time where brilliant stars light the night sky and talkative birds become your new alarm clock. If it’s less you’re after; we have more of it.

We came to Pelee Island in 2009 and our dog, Fred, quickly made friends with every human and dog he came across during his hours wandering the beach. Our founding Fred has crossed the rainbow bridge but lives on in the many memories of his antics. His l’il sister Jody is way less wander-y but has has big pawprints to fill all the same. Try out island-dog beach life yourself and get wandering while you are here!

Welcome to Pelee Island and welcome to the Wandering Dog Inn. Live simply and wander well!

Kevin + Cathy Miller


Stay Like a Local

Breakfast?: Depends on what you call breakfast...

We understand you desperately want gourmet waffles, with heavy cream and fresh strawberries… but the dog ate all that. Cottage style breakfast buffet is available in the Main House 7 days a week 8am – 10am.  

Check In / Check Out

When you reserve your room online, we kindly ask you to estimate your time of arrival at the Inn so we can plan to greet you and you get you settled. Check in is after 3:00 p.m. During your stay, you can use the key that is provided to lock your room as you come and go. When you check out, simply leave the key in the door. Don’t worry, if you lose the key, you’ll just have to sleep in the barn 🙂 Check out is at 11:00 a.m. We do not offer early check in /  or check out. 

Toilets: Pay Attention City Folk!

Attention City Folk; toilets on Pelee Island are temperamental. They don’t like pounds of toilet paper and they definitely hate paper towels. Pelee Island toilets reject feminine hygiene products, diapers of any kind and latex materials (if you know what we’re sayin’). So…. Enjoy the single ply toilet paper and please place anything else in the brown paper bags provided and chuck those bad boys into the garbage! We want your toilet to remain in good working order, as we presume you do too!

Toiletries: All Natural or Nothing

We have provided single serve all natural soaps, shampoos, and conditioners for your use. Please use them and help us reduce harmful chemicals in our wastewater. Or…use nothing?

BBQ: Suites only

If you’re in a suite, we have charcoal BBQ’s for your grilling pleasure! Please don’t grill too close to the INN. There is a melted siding premium…

Charcoal available if needed.  

Smoking: No Thank You... but also Cannabis

 Smoking cigarettes causes cancer and stinks, but if you still want to do it, outside only and not in other peoples faces please. Smoking is not permitted in any room.

Vaping and smoking Cannabis falls under the smoke free Ontario regulations. Only in common outdoor areas, and 9 meters from any door or smoke fee domicile.  Be mindful of other guests.

Kids: Sort of?

We know you love your kids and we’re sure they are the super cutest kids that have ever been born – BUT – the house is for adults only. We have a family suite that can accommodate your kidlets and is subject to availability. Children must be supervised at all times, particularly around the fire pits and parking lot.

Beach Rights: Foot of East West Rd

Guests can access the lake at the foot of East West Road… but there are no real beach rights. So – if you’d like to go for a swim, and the water isn’t too rough – go for it! Or if you’d like to walk the shore, feel free. The beach to the north and south of this access point is private and we ask that you respect private property and don’t set up on the beach for the day. If you want to set up at a beach for the day, visit East Park Beach or Sunrise beach.  **Do Not Swim in Rough Water**

Accessibility: Self Identify for Assistance

Service dogs welcome. The Wandering Dog is not a wheel chair accessible property at this time.

for the 900th time... No Wi-Fi and cell signal can be sketchy

I know…it’s anxiety inducing. Try running a small business without it. 

Garbage: Do Your Part!

We have recycling bins in the suites and in the main house to encourage you to recycle as much as you can.  Dispose of food trash in outdoors bins or bins on main floor (not in your room).  If you can do your part, we’ll let you come back!  

Water: Potable

Our water is tested and and treated.  Our system in inspected biennially by the Windsor Essex County Health Unit.  Please keep showers relatively short. Go jump in the lake!

Campfires...NOT Bonfires

Small fires are permitted only in the fire pit provided. Don’t burn stuff down and remember… we did say SMALL fires. Children must be watched at all times.  Last guest standing douses the flames….

S’more kits available!

*Please do not bring firewood to Pelee Island.


Bar Fridges: Available in Suites

Small fridges are available in the suites. Small request: leave coolers on the porch. Wet carpets are gross. There is a community fridge available in the Main House.

Poison Ivy: Basically... everywhere

…is everywhere. Don’t wander into the woods or gardens and remember, “leaves of three, let them be.”

Parking: Bikes, Motorcycles, ATVS and Cars

We have plenty of free parking for bikes, motorcycles, ATVs and cars. Scooters too. Cause scooters are cute.  Don’t get creative with where you park.  Parking and unloading in the parking lot only. 

Pets: Don't end up in the doghouse!

We love dogs and like most responsible dog owners want to include them on our travels as often as we can. We do offer one dog-friendly suite… fetch it first! For more information – see our pet policy.

Ice / Convenience / Gas

We do not sell Ice.  The Tavern does sell ice.  The East Park Campground Store is open daily 11- 5, The Co-op General Store / Gas is open Monday – Saturday 9am – 3pm and Sunday 11am-3pm. Regular Unleaded available; come prepared if arriving after 3pm  

No Jerks Policy!

Come as you are; all are welcome at the Inn. Unless you’re a jerk.
We expect all our guests to treat each other and us with respect. The golden rule applies here. Be considerate of other people and their personal space.  Be kind to animals and plants at the Inn and around the island. We’re all in it together.    

If you’re not sure if you’re a jerk… ask your friends, neighbours and co-workers. It’ll be a fun conversation for everyone!

Taxi or Shuttle?

Nopeity-nope-nope-nope.  Your own vehicle, bike, golf cart rental or feet are required. We do not provide transportation to our from the ferry and to or from anywhere else you might find yourself :/