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History of The Wandering Dog Inn


The Wandering Dog Inn has a rich history dating back to the 1800s where it was originally established as the “Ohio Pelee Club” and stood on Stone Road, just around the corner from its present location. In 1905 the house was relocated to where it stands today.

Let’s take a journey along with the Wandering Dog:

  • Established in the 1800s as the “Ohio Pelee Club”
  • 1905 the Inn was relocated from Stone Road to its current location
  • In the 1930s “The Gillis Lodge” was established to accommodate fishermen and hunters travelling through Pelee Island
  • In 1985 the Lodge was renamed, “The Mill Point Lodge” after the saw mill built on the southeast corner of the island in 1836
  • In 1985 the lodge was purchased by a family from Kingsville and was renamed “The Tin Goose Inn”
  • In 2009 the Inn was once again bought on a whim by a first-time visitor to the Island and renamed “The Wandering Pheasant”
  • We purchased the property in 2017 and dubbed it “The Wandering Dog Inn”

While there have been many owners and names, one thing has remained constant… its charm and status as a well-beloved stopping spot for travellers