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Pet Policy

 We are excited to welcome your pets almost as much as we’re excited to welcome you. To provide an enjoyable experience for all of our guests, we do have a few policies in place for those with pets.

  1. As the pet owner, you are responsible for keeping control of your pet at all times. We want all of our guests to have a positive experience and ask that your pet does not impact others negatively.
  2. Pets are only allowed in our one kiddo / doggo friendly suite; “The Family Suite”.
  3. While visiting the Wandering Dog Inn, there is a limit of two pets in the Family Suite.
  4. In compliance with Health Regulations, we cannot allow your pets in the main house.
  5. When leaving your pets unattended in your hotel room, we require they be placed in an approved kennel or crate while you are not with them.
  6. We require you to leash your pets or otherwise contain them when they are outside of the room. Yes, we do recognize the irony that while our name is The Wandering Dog, we ask that you don’t actually let your pets wander. This is to protect your pet, as well as to provide peace of mind to our other guests.

If you would like to discuss this pet policy or have any concerns regarding these rules and regulations please contact us. We will do our best to provide the answers you need to ensure that you and your pet’s stay is a pleasant experience when visiting us on Pelee Island.

Thank you for your consideration of our property and our other guests.