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   Must See:



Pelee Island might be one of the most undiscovered tourist spots in all of Canada.  The island is over just over 10,000 acres and located in the middle of the western basin of Lake Erie. It’s southern charm, untouched nature, natural beaches and 180 degree views of sunset or sunrise… make it an ideal destination for anyone looking to escape the rat race and get back to basics.  Type A Personalities be warned… you are meant to slow down here, get on island time and forget about all the things you think you have to do.   

INSIDER TIP: Wave at everyone you pass on the road. We’re all friends here..


Lighthouse Point Provincial Nature Reserve

Exploring on foot:

Lighthouse Point Provincial Nature Reserve: Located at the very northeast tip of the island.  Parking for up to 8 cars can be found on the righthand side of the road about 500 feet before the entrance of the park.  There is a small bicycle rack near the entrance.  Private property falls between the parking area and the entrance to the park, so be mindful to not trespass.  Across the road from the parking lot is a clear view of Lake Henry.  An inland lake created when the north end of the island was breached during the Nor’easter of 1972. This storm did extensive damage on the island; but did leave a beautiful in- land lake that is currently host to a pair of Trumpeter Swans.  Catch the sun setting over Lake Henry, behind the trees and reeds on your way out of the park on warm summer evenings.  Enter the park through short walk on very narrow, sometimes uneven dirt trail to a newly repaired boardwalk.  You’ll continue on through a wooded area to the beach.  From there, enjoy some of the island’s most pristine beach leading up to a view of the Pelee Island Lighthouse.

Local tip: look for lucky stones!  Small white ovals about the size of a dime with the letter J or L on them.  These are ear bones from sheephead fish also known as freshwater drums and believed to be used by indigenous peoples to protect from illness.

Local tip: Look for the lotus bloom in August on Lake Henry

Local tip:  Avoid in high east winds.

Useful: no bathrooms or potable water on site.

Instagrammable: Lighthouse appr



The Pelee Island Winery Half Marathon June 8 2021

Fish Point Provincial Nature Reserve: Located on the at the very southwest tip of the island, this is also a “non-operating” Provincial Park.  There is parking for up to 4 cars and small bike racks and bench near the entrance.  A leisurely hike through the woods opens up to an everchanging sand spit point. Fish Point, like is mainland sister Point Pelee is an important stopover for migrating birds, and a bird-watchers paradise. Black-crowned night herons and other birds frequent a lagoon, and shorebirds are numerous.  Fishing is permitted.  Swimming off the point is not permitted due to dangerous undertow.

Local Tip: Trilliums bloom in mid-May and takeover the forest floor.

Instagrammable: the waves breaking from both directions at the point, shorebirds flocking and whizzing by overhead.

Useful: Pelee Island Bird Banding Station is located just west of Fish Point on McCormick Road.

Spring Song: Online Gala 2020

This event started 19 years ago as a fundraiser for The Heritage Centre with the help of Pelee Island Bird Observatory and Margaret Atwood. Today the celebration involving books and birds is traditionally held on Mother’s Day Weekend (perfect gift hint).

Stone+Sky Music & Arts Series: Cancelled in 2020

A growing and eclectic series of concerts and artistic events containing spoken word, live performance and visual arts.   Sunday night performances take place in a limestone amphitheatre located just east of the Pelee Island Winery on East West Road.  This series offers something different every week and is a must do for our Sunday night guests.

 Island Eats: Most Kitchens stop serving dinner before 9pm.  


Not all island establishments will open in 2020 and some will have limited hours.  If you are staying at the Inn, come prepared with snacks and  plan meals accordingly. 



Hiking and Biking:

MUST SEE: Pelee Island Nature Reserves: The Lighthouse Point and Fish Point Nature Reserves cover more than 170 hectares of the Island and are home to some of the most provincially rare plants and animals. The Nature Reserves are home to many animals you’re familiar with and some that are threatened species. These are preserved areas with nearly untouched forests, please travel lightly.
Map is found on Pelee Island App.

 INSTGRAMMABLE: Mission Hall Project.  A sanctuary nestled in front of the lavender fields on Ruggles Run in the Pelee Island Winery Vineyard.

Stone Road and Brown’s Road Alvars:  Very near to the Inn.  These alvars are very unique ecological areas that have important plant and wildlife living amongst the natural habitat. Stone Road Alvar has almost 200 hectares of wooded and limestone plain (alvar) that is unlike anywhere else in Canada. Brown’s Road Alvar is a nearly 300 hectare natural area, with a mosaic of savanna, open woodlands, meadows and thickets, this area is a perfect combination for habitats that are crucial to many species at risk. This natural area also surrounds the beautiful Noah Garno Trail from Brown’s Road to Harris Garno Road.
Map is found on Pelee Island App.

MUST BIKE: The Pelee Island Waterfront Trail: A 28km circular route following close to the Lake Erie shoreline all around the island. The route travels quiet country roads, through small hamlets, farmland, vineyards and natural areas, and has equal sections that are paved and unpaved. The Waterfront Trail also connects to the Islands’ Ecological Trail System, providing access to beaches, forests, sand dunes, marshes and alvars found nowhere else in Canada.

*** INSIDER TIP: BIKING THE ISLAND IS AN SCENIC, EASY RIDE.  BRING YOUR OWN BIKES OR RENT UPON ARRIVAL FROM COMFORTECH – 519 724 2828***  we recommend e-bikes for those infrequent bikers as a fun and green way to see the whole island!


Beaches: Our beaches are natural. 

It is important to note that the water levels at our beaches are ever changing and there are no lifeguards or public amenities on site. Be careful, but enjoy all the beauty our beaches have to offer!  Want to pitch in and do your part?  Grab an Eco Works bucket from the veranda and help us pick plastic from our beaches and protect our Great Lake.  Return buckets to the Inn and we’ll see that the contents are recycled!  

BEST BEACH : East Beach: Largest public beach best suited for swimming is located across from East Park Campground, walking distance to the Inn.  The bathrooms / shower at the Campground can be used for a fee between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  There are 3 public beaches on East Shore Rd, only East Park Campground Beach has facilities.

Lake Access: Small and located at the foot of East West road, steps from the Inn. There is a rough water warning here, so use your judgement before swimming.  This is a great place to go for a quick morning dip or cool of at the end of a long, well enjoyed day.

Sunrise Beach: Small beach, on the east side, south of Parsons.

Bown’s Beach: through the path at Middle Point Woods and secluded. 

SWIMMING IS NOT recommended at Fish point or Lighthouse Point. Both beaches are lovely hikes.



Chartered Tours:

BEST FISHING TOUR: Chante Charters: Fish with Captains John and Jared. With more than 50 years of experience fishing world class walleye and jumbo yellow perch, they can ensure a successful trip in the Western Lake Erie Basin. – UNAVAILABLE FROM PELEE ISLAND IN 2020